Reporter and Author Alexandros Schinas Passes Away

Greek reporter and author Alexandros Schinas passed away last Saturday at the age of 88 in Bonn. Schinas was the voice of freedom and democracy that encouraged the Greeks to fight against dictatorship through the air waves of the Greek Programme of Deutsche Welle.

Schinas, who had suffered from a stroke almost one year ago, left behind him the legacy of an uncompromised fighter for freedom, his example of him being a non-conformist dreamer and his passion for linguistics and modernizing education.

Alexandros Schinas was born in 1924 in Athens and graduated from Varvakeios before the Civil War. After travelling around different countries in Europe, he settled in the then Federal Republic of Germany in 1959, where he worked as a correspondent of the Greek National Radio Foundation (EIR), and since 1974 for the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT). This job would render him the speaker against the dictatorship regime in Greece.

Every night, at 21:40pm the Greeks would turn their radio to the Deutsche Welle frequency and listen to the anti-dictatorial demeanor of Schinas and his calls for a national uprising against the military regime. Not even the threats against his life could stop him from his duty.

His literary work is not very rich but is important for the post-war Greek authors. Schinas was not yet another leftist intellectual. His main ideal revolved around freedom. He was interested in Greece getting rid of its tyrants and become a modern and complete example of democratic values and spiritual development.

On July 24, 2004, Schinas sent out his last message from the microphone of Deutsche Welle, which was more lenient towards his country’s fate: “Katharsis, like expected by the Greek people, did never come. But let’s not be so strict. Where did ever occur a katharsis?”


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