Transnational Cooperation Chart Signed By Greek and Belgian Education Ministries

The Greek Deputy Minister, Evi Christofilopoulou, and the Belgian Minister of Education of the French community, Marie-Dominique Simonet, signed a Transnational Cooperation Chart on February 7, according to which the teaching of the Greek language will become part of the Belgian school curriculum.

With this new agreement both Greek students and those with other ethnic backgrounds in Belgian schools will have the opportunity to choose the course of Modern Greek or Greek Culture, which will be taught up to three hours per week. The programme will be in force for the next five years and will provide the students with a Greek Language Proficiency.

Besides the Greek language lessons, the programme includes the teaching of the “Greek Culture”, which will focus on presenting the Greek language and history through personal or group projects. In this case, electronic material and interactive teaching methods will be employed for the better understanding of the cultural aspects of Greek history.

Signing the Chart confirms the willingness of the Greek Ministry of Education to support and further enhance the teaching of the Greek language abroad. The initiative is part of the “Languages and Cultures of Origin” programme.


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