New Bulgarian President Calls on Greece To Follow His Country’s Fiscal Example

Newly elected Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev advised Greece to cut at least 100,000 jobs in the immediate future in order to find a way out off the crisis.

At the same time he suggests that Greece should follow the example of Bulgaria in terms of stabilizing its deficit.

In his interview with the German edition of Financial Times, Mr. Plevneliev claimed that his country has not merely laid off 100,000 people in the construction sector and another 15,000 in the public sector, but proceeded with rapid and wide-range privatizations that helped the country lower its debt totaling 100% of the GDP to 16% within a decade.

Moreover, the Bulgarian President expressed his admiration for the views of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on fiscal stability, and proposed to implement these views throughout Europe. He also supported the leading role of Germany in Europe.


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