Greek Afxentios Kalagkos Is The Doctor of the Poor

Following in the footsteps of his father, Greek-born cardio sergeant Afxentios Kalagkos has saved the lives of some 9,000 children around the world. His only reward is the smile on those children’s faces.

For the past 11 years Mr. Kalagkos has sent to the world a message of hope and humanity by helping save many people suffering from heart diseases around the world.

His name is recognized in Lebanon, Georgia, Serbia, Cyprus, India, Morocco, Algeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela, Botswana and Ukraine.

Having studied under top Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery Magdi Yakub, the Greek doctor from Istanbul is known as “the doctor of poor children”.

He graduated from the American Medical School in Istanbul at the age of 23 and became a professor in the University of Geneva at the age of 40.

Mr. Kalagkos is also the founder of the charity institution “Hearts For Everyone” through which he and his team of sergeants provide their services for free to every child in need.

“It may sound trivial but it is the honest truth: seeing those children and their families smiling again is the best reward for me”.

Whenever and wherever he might be needed, Mr. Kalagkos attends. He works 18 hours a day, seven days a week. Although he regrets not having much time to spend with his family, he never looks at his watch when he is needed. These values of humanity and selfless offering are what he tries to grow up his two children with.


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