Greek Ambassador to Belgium Praised for Personal Painting Exhibition

“The beautifully organic paintings of Plato” is the title of the relevant report of La Libre Belgique about the recently inaugurated painting exhibition of the Greek Ambassador to Belgium, Mr. Plato Hadjimichalis.

The Belgian newspaper underlines among others that although Hadjimichalis lives in Brussels, this is the first time he presents his work to the Belgian audience.

“From the first sight, you are swept away by these works consisting of unusual material and an aesthetic assiduity” reported La Libre.

The newspaper also included a biographical note on Mr. Hadjimichalis: “Since his teenage years, split between Paris and Athens, Plato Hadjimichalis was introduced to a group of artists and intellectuals. This experience provided him with the sensitivity needed to become an artist himself. Born in 1950, Hadjimichalis began painting in 1970. One of his major interests was classifying the world around him. In the following decade, Hadjimichalis employed organic material in his artworks. His exhibitions have been recently hosted at the Derek John Gallery in London, at the Gallerie Deyrolle in Paris, as well as in the US as part of a broader exhibition project”.


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