Donation by the German Greek Bamberg Club to Farkadona in Trikala

Three Germans, members of the German-Greek Bamberg Club, in consultation with the President of the club Panagiotis Malekas, travelled from the city Bamberg in Germany to Farkadona in Trikala, Northern Greece not by conventional transportation but by fire truck which they donated.

The Athens News Agency met with Mr. Malekas and the three Germans at the Grizano village in the region of Farkadona whose majority of habitants have lived and worked in Germany over the past decades.

Their club is in Bamberg, in Bavaria, 70 km from Nuremberg and 220 km from Munich. Mr. Malekas explained that the aim of the club is to ensure the prosperity of the German and Greek habitants of Bamberg and that they especially care about the children, young people, elders and those who face financial problems.



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