Alexander the Great Moves to the Louvre

The exhibition ”In the Kingdom of Alexander the Great- Ancient Macedonia” will be hosted by the famous museum in Paris, the Louvre, from October 13th to January 16th in 2012.

This exhibition includes more than 600 items of art which were discovered over the course of the last 30 years. The history and culture of the era will be drawn through these items, allowing the French and international patrons of the museum to have an opportunity to explore the unique ancient Macedonian culture and the inheritance of the Greeks of the north. This exhibition is a result of Greek-French cooperation.

In 2012, in exchange, the Louvre will lend to Greece significant works of art, to be hosted by five museums in Salonika, as a response to this exhibition.

70 Greek and French scientists participated and led this cooperation and exchange. The final exhibition inventory is planned for printing soon. Freight companies are preparing special boxes for these priceless treasures to provide secure travel.



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