British Chef James Martin Promotes A Taste of Crete

Culinary tourism has given Crete the opportunity to become famous once again as the result of a British TV production promoting Chania and the Cretan kitchen.

James Martin, an extraordinary celebrity chef, was spotted in recent days on Crete. One of the mornings, he was seen going to the local market, where he bought the most luscious vegetables and herbs. After that, he visited the local port and purchased fresh seafood from a local fishing boat.  All this preparation was done, in order to cook a traditional local fish soup “kakavia” and promote the delicious recipes of Crete.

While part of the show was filmed on the open boat close to the port, the rest of the production team were shooting scenes around the beautiful harbor. More filming is going to be done around the graves of the Venizelos family, in Akrotiri and inside a traditional taverna serving Cretan food.

Martin is thought to be one of the most famous chefs in Britain and his shows are watched by more than 1 million viewers. He travels to many countries bringing exotic cuisine into his viewers homes. This time, he and his production team will be filming in four countries in the Mediterranean: Greece, Italy, Spain, and France and his show will be divided into 10 parts to be broadcast in October.



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